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Scientific Researcher


Job Description:

1)    R&D on virtual character balancing and locomotion tasks with reinforcement learning, DNN, and other related machine learning techniques

2)    R&D on biomechanical/muscle simulation of humans with C++/python

3)    Follow and advance the new technologies in computer graphics/vision and machine/deep learning and deploy these technologies to products;

4)    Performance optimization of computer graphics/vision algorithms in practical applications;
5)    Increase visibility and impact of Tezoi, Inc. on artificial intelligence industries, especially computer graphics/vision related, by publishing patents and papers.

Background Requirements:

1)    PhD or Master graduated from related majors

2)    Extensive experience in deep learning (especially Reinforcement learning, DNN)

3)    Research experience in Reinforcement learning base character locomotion

4)    Python/C++ coding, and other related skill sets.

5)    Research experience in physics-based simulation

6)    Research experience in physics-base modeling and simulation for computer graphics
7)    Research experience in human muscle simulation 
8)    Research experience in character animation