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Associate Designer, World (Temp)



Monolith Productions, a division of WB Games Inc., seeks an Associate Designer to work closely with the Design, Art and Production staff to create and maintain high quality game spaces. This role will focus on the design, implementation, and editing of world content and geometry to create interesting spaces that support the game mechanics. As well as collaborating with the rest of the design team, artists, and engineers to ensure their levels are fun, interesting, and within performance constraints.

This is a temporary (9 month) assignment.


- Work with World designer and artist to do graybox, layout and asset population to create compelling game spaces using proprietary tools and industry standard software.

- Work within established level design metrics and utilize the game system to identify and resolve level design, performance and gameplay issues.

- Investigate and resolve game play issues identified by QA or team members through feedback our internal bug database.

- Help facilitate the level design and art review process.

- Help keep updated documentation, including but not limited to detailed descriptions of intended game play experience, workflows and maps highlighting location for events.


Work Experience

·         Previous game design experience required.

Education, Professional Training, Technical Training or Certification

·         Familiarity with 3D level design tools (UnrealEd, Maya, Max or similar 3D Editor)

·         Experience using LUA or equivalent scripting language


·         Previous experience designing and working on modular levels.

·         Strong spatial relationships, layout design skills, and architecture elements.

·         Having a good balance between artistic and technical skills.

·         Excellent organization, negotiation and communication skills.

·         Comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback.

·         Passion for games and game development.

·         Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and the ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment.

·         Knowledge of the action/adventure and/or open world game genres.



This Job is no longer active!