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Assistant Technical Director



The Asst Technical Director reports to the Manager, Animation & Digital Assets is responsible for supporting the evaluation of all 3D assets for 3rd party 3D scanning vendors, various digital assets from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and the fulfillment of special asset requests for departments such as Games and Animation. 



·         Manages the evaluation and feedback for all digital assets from 3rd party vendors handling 3D scanning (both for Lucasfilm production and external vendors); offers guidance and knowledge; delivers approved assets to both internal Lucasfilm departments and external groups

·         Works closely with 3D & Sound Asset Administrator on fulfillment of all 3D archival requests

·         Aids with creation and upkeep of digital asset specs for Lucasfilm internal groups (excluding Skywalker Sound) alongside the Manager, Animation & Digital Assets

·         Facilitates 3D asset handoff and ingestion into the asset management library

·         Serves as technical liaison between production and internal Lucasfilm departments

·         Responsible for the creation of all asset turntables and the setup of any associated related scripts and/or tools

·         Assists with fulfillment of all Animation 3D asset requests when needed with the Lucasfilm Animation department

·         Coordinates with IT to address technical department projects (such as Zendesk, software adoption, disk management, etc.)

·         Administrates the department Zendesk interface, manages issue resolution and enhancement implementations

·         Responsible for the lighting set up and rendering of all custom 3D files, when applicable, to determine appropriate lighting style based on client needs and specs

·         Manages the monitoring of all production materials to ensure compatibility with established pipelines (both live-action and Animation, when needed); duties involved, but are not limited to:

o   Shot Directory Arrangement & disk space monitoring

o   Creation and maintenance of pipeline documentation

o   Proactively manages processor load/requirements, reporting problems to Manager, Animation & Digital Assets

o   Knowledge of Production scripts

o   Modification of existing scripts where needed and development of appropriate improvements to existing pipeline

·         Responsible for the management and production of 3D delivery packages, including but not limited to: scene extraction, basic lighting setups (when required), layered file management, high-resolution rendering, and delivery

·         Facilitates integration of new software, hardware, and procedures into specific LFL Art & Asset pipelines as needed or as requested

·         Establishes a consistent process for communicating targets, assignments, and priorities to the Manager, Animation & Digital Assets and Director, Asset Management


•        Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience

•        2-3 years working within animation or production industry

•        Knowledge of the construction and use of digital assets in a production environment, including polygonal and subdivision modeling, texturing workflows, and basic shading and rigging.

•        Strong knowledge of common 3D software, including Maya, 3DSMax, Zbrush and Nuke to aid in production and also troubleshooting common errors and creating various plugins.

•        Familiarity with the different requirements for assets used in VFX, Games, VR/AR, and other environments.

•        Demonstrated familiarity with the handling of and processing of 3D scan data.

•        Demonstrated working knowledge of Python, Linux, and Windows OS.

•        Working knowledge of Photoshop.

•        Demonstrated ability to be proactive and anticipate potential problems before they occur, with strong follow-through skills.

•        Excellent communication and organizational skills.

•        Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time well.


Preferred Qualifications

•        Working knowledge of Modo, Mari, Alembic preferred.

•        Experience with database systems for tracking assets, requests and deliveries.

•        Ability to apply the core concepts of data archiving, including tagging, metadata, and branching. 

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