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Chair of Graphic Design


The core of graphic design at SCAD is design thinking. This fundamentally creative process — thinking by doing — encourages students to see differently, shift focus, look from multiple perspectives and realize how perception influences meaning. The chair of graphic design and visual experience will inspire faculty to guide talented students through this learning process in graphic design and its related disciplines with a focus on visual sophistication and media diversity.

SCAD has a large, vibrant graphic design department aligned with leading trends in emerging media, contemporary approaches to design and professional standards. The position offers numerous opportunities to collaborate with other SCAD departments that are at the forefront of diverse fields. The graphic design chair will develop and extend current interactive choices within the undergraduate and graduate curriculums, meeting critical standards and expectations for the discipline and the profession.

Candidates will be asked to articulate their vision of a graphic design education in the 21st century that will produce designers with research abilities, media diversity, and rich visual sophistication and typography who are able to deliver content over a broad range of systems.

The ideal candidate demonstrates knowledge of interactive theory, interaction design, technologies, platforms and delivery systems as they relate to current practices in graphic and communication design. You should have professional experience as a working graphic designer at a variety of levels as well as be comfortable instructing in cross-disciplinary teams focused on experiential projects. Experience with user-centered experience design and educating at the college level is preferred.

? Terminal degree or its equivalent in graphic design or a related field

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