Northeastern University - Boston, Massachusetts - United States

About Northeastern University

The Department of Art + Design in the College of Arts, Media and Design, serves over 330 students in our Majors and Concentrations and provides several hundred students from across our college and university with elective courses, Minors and combined Majors from our offerings. Our student design studio, Scout, the Arts Collaborative and the Animation Club engage students with real work and each other as they learn.

In addition to our BFA in Media Arts, we offer a BFA in Design with Concentrations and Minors in Graphic and Information Design, Interaction Design and Experience Design. Our BA and Minor in Art are complemented with a Minor in Visual Studies and a BA from our Media and Screen Studies program. We also offer a BFA and an MFA in Studio Art in partnership with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Northeastern University is a national urban research university and world leader in cooperative education.
The disciplines within our College of Arts, Media, and Design are catalysts of cultural growth and social innovation. Architecture, art, and design weave the fabric of cities into patterns of significance. Journalism and mass communication media disseminate news and new forms of information to increasingly individual and global audiences. Emerging and converging networks increase human capacity to explore and link new ideas, knowledge and choices. Creative work with evolving technology makes it possible to connect people and ideas. One can now be a catalyst for change and increased understanding of our shared human potential, as never before.

We integrate our progressive programs of study in Architecture, Art + Design, Media and Screen Studies, Communication Studies, Game Design, Journalism, Music, and Theatre with powerful experiential learning opportunities, enabling students to discover their passion and explore the ever-expanding prospects in their fields. Those intellectual and practical connections extend beyond our college, to Northeastern’s 55 other undergraduate and graduate programs, and to partnerships with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the New England Conservatory.

We enable arts, media, and design students to infuse their work with broader knowledge of the world and wider perspectives in their field. The integrated strengths of our college feed a culture of innovation—open to the expansive possibilities of the digital age—that positions our students at the leading edge of all forms of communication, from interdisciplinary art and music industry to media innovation and games. Our College of Arts, Media and Design is able to provide students with combinations of the best of worldwide yet focused experiences in creative fields with support and resources of a great urban research university.