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Professional Technician


Job Requirements:

1.       Scene design: Capable of making macro analysis of the scene design segment, based on the art design and storyboard, providing production solutions efficiently, and controlling the effects of the scenes so that the scene design is qualified to be used in our films.

2.       Character animation: Good at modeling characters. Capable of creating a character based on his/her/its specific art design. Proficient at high-level texture creation of fur, feather, fabric, etc. Capable of collision calculation for fur and hair dynamic simulation.

3.       Special effects: Skilled at using ‘Houdini’ software. Capable of creating suitable special effects for epic scenes to match the style of the film.

4.       Rigging: Experienced with the facial features and skeletons of animals and humans. Having done in-depth research about the latest rigging technology.

5.       TD: Capable of software development. Able to optimize the production process as well as software and application to make technical breakthroughs and meet the needs of the project.


Applicants should have successful cases and related working experiences, with at least one expertise in the above-mentioned fields.

This Job is no longer active!