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Senior Art Designer for Animation


Job Description:

1.  Responsible for the entire art style of animation projects as well as controlling the artwork quality;

2.  Supervise and guide the art design for scenes and characters in projects as required;

3.  Help department staff with and provide guidance on design work and technical work;

4.  Take charge of the progress of and modifications to 3D models. Keep good communication and close cooperation with the director;

5.  Help coordinate the outsourcing, promotion and other work relating to animation projects.



Job Requirements:

1. Have a good working knowledge of art and artistic design, as well as the ability to draw on computer and create characters. Be able to come with up solutions for the creative art design of animation projects.

2. Be skilled in at least one aspect of animation art design (e.g., concepts, scenes, or character settings), full of creativity, and have a good sense of visual aesthetic.

3. Complete the tasks assigned, answer to your supervisor, as well as work with your teammates. Be able to adjust to the work progress and work under pressure. Good communication skills are required.

This Job is no longer active!